Smart Home Devices Keep You in Control

hand adjusts heating and air thermostat

hand adjusts heating and air thermostatThe digital age has done a lot to connect us all as people. Existing social media sites are still growing at alarming rates and new ones go live every day. But the newest thing to hit the market and grab the attention of homeowners does not connect people to each other. The smart home trend is now allowing us to control the heating and air, lights, security cameras, and even our refrigerators.

Keep it Warm…or Cool

Homeowners probably danced with joy when programmable thermostats were introduced. Now, smartphone technology has given rise to remote control, giving us all the ability to change those settings whether we are down the street or on a foreign vacation on the other side of the world.

After just one week, the Nest will learn your preferred heating and air settings and adjust itself accordingly. Not only that, you can change the temperature from anywhere using a compatible device and even review your family’s energy use from abroad.

In most homes, unused rooms are the biggest waste of energy and sap your wallet when the utility bill shows up. Luckily, electronic air duct dampers can limit the flow of heated or cooled air to the unused areas of your home, and therefore save you money, with their remote-control capabilities.

Turn on the Lights…or Water

It happens to us all at some point. An appointment runs late or there’s a long line at the grocery store. Then we realize that it’s getting dark, the babysitter is due home with the kids any minute, and the porch light is still turned off. Perhaps you get into town and realize you have left the sprinklers on in your front yard. Either way, smart device technology is here to help.

With products like the Insteon Hub, your home’s plug-in devices can be controlled now matter where you are – right from your smartphone. Insteon even offers LED bulbs for easy installation into your home’s wired fixtures.

Water leaks can be difficult to spot and can quickly become a damaging and expensive problem. The newest solution to the nearly 1-trillion gallons of water lost to leaks each year lies in the innovation of smart water meters. These devices monitor usage, detect leaks, and allow remote-control to aid in the conservation of our resources and your pocketbook.

Lock it Up…or Record It

So security cameras are definitely not anything new and being able to view them on computers is a well-known fact. However, the newest security systems on the market give homeowners a whole new level of control that has never been seen before.

As long as you can access the internet, the August Connect hub will connect with, and translate your wishes, to the compatible smart locks installed in your home. This gives you the reliable and convenient ability to lock, unlock, and review entryway usage around your home.

Additionally, security camera connectivity has gotten much better in past years. Now, you can view both archived and live footage, while also being able to control the angle and light-modes of every indoor and outdoor camera.

Control the Pets…or Groceries

Once again, your older child has stayed home from school and it’s only upon returning from the grocery store that you discover she drank all milk and ate the last of the tomato soup. Or you get caught behind a traffic accident and you know that Fido is there just begging to get outside before he makes a mistake inside.

No longer a place to simply keep your food fresh, smart refrigerators offer features such as calendars, grocery list updates, and streaming music. To top if off, three internal cameras give you full view of its contents right from your tablet or phone giving you the chance to double-check on the amount of milk in your fridge.

We can finally leave our pets home with less worry for us and more exercise for them. Yes, dogs with microchips or RFID collars have been controlling their tiny doors on their own for years, but that was the extent of control. Now, the SureFlap has given owners the ability to lock and unlock pet doors at their leisure from across the house or the other side of the world.

So, if you want more control over your home when you’re away, smart home devices may be the answer. Most are easily installed, but even complicated heating and air system devices may only require a quick service call. Just remember to consult a professional when working with electrical appliances and specialized watering systems so you don’t cause unnecessary property damage.

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