6 Reasons to Replace Your HVAC System

technician installing a new HVAC

technician installing a new HVACDoes it feel like your home is running hotter than past years? Perhaps your energy bill has spiked and you’re not sure why. The hot and sometimes humid summer months often cause homeowners to wonder if it’s time to replace their home’s heating and air conditioning unit. According to experts, there are several reasons why it would be best to replace your system instead of relying on simple repairs.

Protect Your Pocketbook

Many homeowners are weary of footing the bill for a new HVAC system and spend years forking over the cash for repairs on their outdated unit and worn out ductwork. Quite often, however, the labor and materials associated with repairs over several years will exceed the amount one would spend on a new unit. For example, you may spend nearly $6,000 on a new unit, but this is easily repaid when you consider that service rates may be as high as $300 an hour in some regions.

Conserve Energy & Get Rebates

Energy Star, the leader in modern appliance efficiency, recommends upgrading your heating and air conditioning unit if it is more than 10 years old while service technicians report an average lifespan of 14 years, even for modern systems. According to the EPA, correctly installed Energy Star approved HVACs can save homeowners up to 20 percent on utility costs. To top it off, Energy Star products are eligible for federal tax credits due to their environmental friendliness.

Reduce Dust & Humidity

The dry heat of our nation’s vast desert areas are known for plaguing households with layers of dust. A new heating and air conditioner with properly-sized ducts and appropriate filters will prevent the buildup of dust and dirt in the system thereby reducing the chances of expensive repairs and unexpected failure. On the other hand, some regions of the United States are prone to high humidity regardless of the air temperatures. This can lead to the production of damaging condensation which increases the likelihood of woodwork deterioration, poor air quality, and the presence of mold. So, despite your location, a new system and ductwork will provide a healthy environment for you and your family.

Save in the Long Term

An improperly-sized heating and air conditioning system will affect your energy bills as it tries too hard to keep up with the size or your home. A qualified heating and air service company will do a series of measurements to determine the proper size of your system and any necessary changes to your ductwork or insulation in order to provide you with years of efficient heating and cooling. Despite the cost of the materials and labor involved with a new HVAC, you are sure to be repaid in the long run by lower utility bills and fewer repair costs.

In conclusion, no homeowner should be nervous when considering a whole system replacement because in the end they will only see benefits. Yes, the initial costs may seem high, but the savings associated with lower energy bills, rebates, and healthcare costs means the unit will soon pay for itself.


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