4 Unusual Uses for Solar Power

Solar Panel on Hut Roof

Solar Panel on Hut RoofSolar power is growing in use all over the world. In the United States, there were more than one million residential solar installations in 2016. Experts believe that solar power usage could triple by 2022. However, solar usage isn’t limited to first-world homes and businesses—it can be used in all kinds of situations, some of which you may not have considered before.

Solar Doghouses

It turns out your dog can enjoy a little comfort too. In a solar doghouse, Fido will have a heating system and LED lighting, and Fido’s human parents will be able to see when he’s in the doghouse because of a motion and heat-activated Wi-Fi security camera. With a setup like this, Fido might prefer the doghouse over the fireplace mat.

Solar Carports

We all have to park our cars somewhere. If that somewhere is outside, then it’s nice to have a little shade and protection from crazy weather. That sometimes comes in the form of carports. To our delight, someone got creative and designed solar carports. These genius constructions shield cars and produce power to put back into the system. How’s that for a double solution?

Solar-Powered Huts

Solar-powered huts are coming in vogue around the world. The East Coast Park in Singapore decided to use recycled trash from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to build unique tree-like beach huts. These colorful and artistic huts line the edge of the ocean and are accessible by a steel rope ladder and a trap door. Now, wouldn’t that be a fabulous vacation getaway?

Beach resorts aren’t the only hut owners that are benefitting from solar power. People living far away from electrical grids in Africa or in the slums of India are buying small solar power systems so they can charge their cellphones, run a few lights, or even cook their next meal. These people are perfecting the art of off-grid living.

Solar-Powered Tents

Do you love camping, but hate being without a few of your favorite amenities? Well, now you can buy a solar-powered tent and let the blistering sun supply you energy to power your smartphone, light up your tent at night, and produce a little heat for those freezing nights. It can’t get much better than that.

Solar energy, one of the world’s most renewable sources of energy, is providing innovative solutions to problems all over the world. Perhaps one day, we’ll be driving solar-powered cars, living in solar-powered homes, and flying in solar-powered airplanes.

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