2 Life-Saving Reasons to Go Green with Solar Energy

calculating solar energy savings

Energy production has become an expensive part of household budgets in recent years. Energy costs continue to rise, often with little warning or clear reason. Power systems can be crippled by storms, blackouts, and heat waves. The fear of climate change has also pushed some homeowners away from traditional sources of energy production.
calculating solar energy savings

Protect the Environment

Power plants pump billions of tons of CO2 and sulfur into the atmosphere every year, contributing to smog and extreme weather events around the world. Whether you are concerned with the environment or the budget, you should be considering the power of the sun. Utilizing the clean, free power of the sun is cheap, clean, and a well-functioning alternative to the traditional power grid.

A solar panel system is also much cleaner than traditional sources of power. Coal-burning power plants release thousands of tons of black soot and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. Nuclear and natural gas power plants also pose their own threats to the environment. Systems powered by the sun are free and only take advantage of a power source that reaches the Earth anyway. The greenhouse gas emissions from this product and its power are almost nonexistent.

Upgrade & Save Money

Solar panels are an upgrade over traditional power systems in almost every way. First, they are relatively cheap. The major cost of these panels comes with initial setup. Panels themselves may cost several thousands of dollars, which seems like a major expense. However, there are multiple financing options and tax credits available to help bear the brunt of those costs. After initial setup, the savings are immediate. The energy bill may go down to zero and may even lead to a credit from the power company as the panels produce enough energy to sell some back to the company.

A sunny area will have maximum sun exposure and will be able to sell a considerable amount of energy back to the power company every year. Also, with the lack of rain in the area, there will be less of a chance that a severe storm could disrupt the panel system. The only sort of maintenance usually required for most sun-powered panels is for them to be washed off every so often.

Many regions are ideal homes for energy production from the sun. It is a sunny area which does not have the cloud cover and rainy days which can harm sun-powered systems in other areas. In addition, California offers generous tax subsidies for the building and usage of these panels. The state wants to prioritize green energy and will combine any savings from federal tax credit programs with state money as well. An owner in California could make back the money spent on their sun-powered system and start to save hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs in the span of just a few short years.

In many areas, the savings from a system powered by the sun are clear. Make sure to join a cleaner, cost-efficient world and equip your house with solar panels today.

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